PUBLISHED PHOTO BOOK - I have published a 120-page coffee-table size photo book, entitled Rosie Heil . . . one of a kind.  It is not an ordinary photo book.  It chronicles some of the unusual and exotic adventures my wife and I have experienced all over the world and displays some of the uncommon images we brought back.  I'm not selling the book, but, if interested, take a look at this ambitious publication:

MORE GENERALLY - I have been taking photographs all my life. Over the years, I have come to specialize in wildlife and nature photography, with particular emphasis on Southern Utah, remote travel locations in all seven continents, and underwater photography. I began diving in the 70s and underwater photography in 1980.

Photography recognition

· Awards. Well over a hundred, including in the Nikon Photo Contest International (highest prize awarded to an American), the Hans Hass Medaille in Europe, Best of Show in Northern California’s Seaviews, and many of the other photo contests around the country.
· Publications. National Wildlife Magazine, National Geographic Traveler Magazine, National Geographic Traveler Calendar, Islands Magazine, Sierra Magazine, Sport Diving Magazine, Alert Diver Magazine, Gourmet Magazine, and others.
· Shows. Numerous fully-produced, pan-and-zoom, sound-sync photo presentations of wildlife, nature, and underwater photography.

Personal and Educational background

· Serious avocations include powder skiing, hiking, diving, cycling, white water rafting, furniture making & foreign travel.

· Nonprofit interests include Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, Great Old Broads for Wilderness, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Seacology, Pathfinder International, Population Connection, Planned Parenthood, Population Media Center.

· Yale University, B.A., 1965; University of Munich, Germany, 1965-66; University of California, Berkeley, J.D. 1969; University of California Research Fellowship, India, 1969-70

· "Recovering" attorney - Prior to 1990, represented film makers, environmental interests, wine companies, real estate clients.

Diving experience -- 1,800 dives, all over the world, including Indonesia (Borneo, Sangalaki, Sulawesi, Flores, Komodo, Raja Ampat), Papua New Guinea (Eastern Fields, Madang, Alatau, New Britain), Thailand, Burma, Galapagos, Sipidan, Solomon Islands, Chuuk, Palau, French Polynesia, Grand Bahama Banks, Hawaii, San Benedicto Island, Cocos Island, French Polynesia, Fiji, Kenya, Australia, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Philippines, Virgin Islands, Sea of Cortez, Red Sea, Caymans, and California.

Work with nonprofit organizations

Sierra Club - 2002-2009 – Board of Directors of Sierra Club Foundation 2003-2009; Chair 2008-9; Chair, National Advisory Council 2004-2008. The Sierra Club was founded by John Muir in 1892. Today, the Club has over 1.3 million members and supporters and is the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. Its broad goals include: (i) safe and healthy communities in which to live; (ii) smart energy solutions to combat global climate change; and (iii) an enduring legacy for America’s wild places. I am doing what I can to help this wonderful organization save the planet and its extraordinary wildlife and wilderness. (See:; and Annual Reports, featuring my photographs: 2008, 2007 cover shot & others, 2006, 2005 cover shot and others, 2004 cover shot & others)

Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin Counties
– Board of Directors 1993-2001; Chair, 1996-2001. This 3-county Goodwill Industries is a $20 million budget social service charity providing vocational training, transitional employment, and job placement to persons who are disabled, disadvantaged, or homeless. I was very actively involved in the development and expansion of Goodwill and its job-training programs. I developed the H.I.R.E. Program and Career Choice Program, vocational programs for persons who are homeless, as well as a vocational training program for hotel and restaurant workers. Honoree of National Society of Fund Raising Executives, 1997. "Beacon of Light" community service award, Temple Emanu-El, San Francisco, 1995.

Hawaii Whale Research Foundation, Maui, Hawaii, 1997-2010
– Research Associate. The Hawaii Whale Research Foundation is a foundation researching long-term social patterns among Humpback Whales. I help with foundation business affairs and as an underwater and above-water photographer of whales.

Please let me know if this is too much information . . . or not enough. Thank you